Enclosed in fabric

enclosed in fabric.
An idea in emotion, begging for forgiveness.
Sharp conclusions cut gashes.
thoughts flow down a drain.

Warmth turns to compression.
Sweat evaporates,
heavy breathing, no speaking.
answers, answers: answers.

Tell me friend,
did it hurt when I pulled the trigger.
Was the heart surgery efficient?
Or does a fool return home,
Bouquet in hand.

Trapped in cotton
a hand reaches upward
wipes away the water.

He’s a desert.
Dry and warm yet empty.


Love is.

Love is Winter’s embracing kiss, cold and beautiful.
Love is Spring’s colour growth, enchanting and vibrant.
Love is Summer’s haze, drifting and floating.
Love is Autumn’s change, dramatic and up-lifting.
Love is sugar wrapped up in thin plastic strings.
Love is mornings when the birds begin to sing.
Love is pillows filled with feathers and good thoughts.
Love is answering the phone the second it rings..
Love is delicately brushing ones hair aside.
Love is asking who, what, where and why.
Love is waiting months and years.
Love is bringing you to tears.

Love is brilliant bright and sad.
Love is…


something I do not have.

you miss the love

you miss the love
you miss the love
you miss the love
you miss the love
you miss the love
you miss the love
you miss the love
you miss the love you miss the love
you miss the love youmiss thelove
the love you miss
you miss the love
you miss the love
you miss the love
you miss the love









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via Daily Prompt: Meander

To meander on with that soft red following.
In a bushel of friends ready to shed their green.
Placed upon his rosy lips.
A gushing of sweetness and falling temperatures.

Lain in a crystal bowl of artic measures.
Glistening and shimmering in this seasons Sun.
It’s nectar waiting to quench
any mans thirst.

Bite the strawberry.
Hold it close.
Love the strawberry.
Make it home.

Do not meander on with that soft red following.



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joy on silence.

She watches from beneath the Sun.
Chanting up for the world to breath.
It’s what the memories has told us.
A complete book left unread.


She walks the sand,
crystal glint in the eyes of another.
No remorse for the horror
of letting go of a love
r-aging hairs falls to the ground.


She wonders if I miss her.
For I am the Sun now.
I will never view her as,
yet she is beneath me.


I shall burn out soon.


Death – When I question him.

“No refunds, no returns if you leave you are gone forever.”


speaking of.

Ghosts pass through
Just like the wind.
Yet he stood there fixed,
At the world,
at the blood
and the pain.

Paintings melted on the walls,
crayons sharpened to dust.
“Do you like this work, it is for you.
it is for you.”

Get out of this house.
Get out of this maze.

Get out of this world,
of the blood
and the pain.