Suit of Bread

I’m gonna wear a suit of bread for my pigeons to eat,
Run to the park and scream out loud it’s dinner time, a treat
The pigeons flock and caw and fly right to my bread lined clothes
And I stand there a buffet, but then there came the crows

The crows couldn’t contain themselves they came from east to west,
hearing on the grape vine of my wheaten; tasty chest,
a murder of them swooped in and started pecking hard
The pigeons fled defeated, free meal taken by crow charge.

the suit of bread no longer white but now a cloak of black
crows cawing, scratching, pecking now there was no turning back.
the crust turned to dust to reveal my naked skin,
the crows kept eating heavily, ravenous full of sin
their gluttony took both my eyes but yet they wanted more

then all was left, a pile of bones
its me dead on the floor.


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