I want this year for me to be filled with Roses, I don’t know why but I’ve aged recently and have all of a sudden developed a strange fascination with Roses. Previously a few months ago I was fascinated with the big girl up in the sky the moon ( you may have noticed the constant references in my poetry). From this month onwards I however am feeling the mystery and clarity of a rose. It is a symbol of pure love but also passionate lust, a mixture that never ends up well in life.

I began tonights writings with the intention to write a short poem about Roses but I decided against it, as if I am to truly experience the meaning and connection of the flower I must purchase some. Really live for a rose and experience its beauty.

I want to realise why its red holds thorns that can cut fragile skin and how raindrops perch on its terrain glimmering even in a dim light.
Writing for me has indeed taken a backseat but I still want a connection to my blog so for now it will be with Roses.

T x


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