I forgot about this.

The infatuation I developed with myself during the first few months of this years has faded and I feel its definitely affecting my post rate on this beautiful blog. It has passages into my emotions and soul that I’ve not really subjected anyone else too. I’ve been neglecting this little page of my thoughts for quite sometime now and I feel it’s completely unjustified. The self obsession I had with finding myself has passed that feeling used to drive me to post the nonsensical poetry and essays that have come to be the norm of my blog. Oddly me as a person settling down, has practically put a nail in the coffin of this blog. One that has never ever been extremely taxing when it comes to content.

Let us start again, I want to speak more and express stupid thoughts that I used to relish so much when I had faltered. Get to grips with how spontaneous the content (if you can even call it that) is, because I know its never gonna be steady.

If you are reading this and have found yourself intrigued by the blabbering I’ve posted on this site then do comment on a direction you would like me to take. I’ll be damned if I can’t take orders from a community of extraordinary people.

thank you

T x


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