Lemon, Lemon leave me be your yellow stare is hurting me.
I don’t want lemonade today, so leave this place and go away
I’ve been trying things to keep me sweeter, smiling more and knitting sweaters
But Lemon, Lemon still remains trashing my efforts with rotten stains.

I went outside into the rain, to combat this torrential pain
the sickly zest sticks to my toes the rotten smell right up my nose
Lemon, Lemon laughs at me and slightly squeezes gently, on his left breast
he smiles and sprays a very bitter mist of haze
my eyes are read and flowing free.
Lemon, Lemon leave me be

A month has past, the sun now shines and I don’t have a clue of time
the thirst is here, these lips they crack.
yet Lemon, Lemon refrains from attack.
It’s like he knows; I need him now! that sickly sweet delicious vow, that I will crack him open soon
drink him whole and bring his doom.

via Daily Prompt: Bitter


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