Anatomy of a soul.

Today’s feature is something quite topical and not my usual shtick of some average poetry written in passion and whimsy. Today’s topic is about death well not death itself but dying repeatedly, a facet I have come to terms with as a usual occurrence. I myself am not dying but my avatar named Gonzo 2 (his name a totally different story) is constantly in his quest to kindle a fire or something. Yes my friend this post is about Dark Souls 3: The Fire Fades Edition.


Death comes time and time again in the world of Dark Souls sometimes it is actually a gift ( thanks Buffy 😉 ). Yet every time I am bested by the deadly beasts like this one: (he has killed me many a time)Oh no

I feel compelled to get back up, conserve my estus flasks. Return to said monster and literally wail on him till he bursts into a cloud of death. For this is the core of Dark Souls you are gonna get beat many a time but it is how you return that defines you. For this instance I returned with a summon and a bag full of firebombs (I really just can’t deal with mimics).

When you finally conquer a boss after he has killed you over and over again, nothing is sweeter you feel like a true Lord of Cinder. However comfort is fleeting as before you know it you are getting put back in your shoes by the common enemy of the next area. If you are a first time player and don’t run through the catacombs screaming and praying for a bonfire around the corner are you even playing the game right?

Ashen One and friends.

My current character in game looks like the human equivalent of Aldrich a pile of sludge this is because I trusted an npc to give me free levels and in-turn Gonzo 2 contracted the undead curse and has proceeded to hollow to level 99 (thats not good). Thats enough about him he’s not interesting he cannot talk. The npc’s and quest lines of Dark Souls 3 are if you ask me stellar. I felt genuine anguish at informing one ( won’t spoil) that his friend had well ,rotted away in a body bag (okay small spoilers). Its moments like these that make battling the grotesque barrage of monsters worth it, except Patches fuck Patches. If you are looking for a linear story Dark Souls is not for you each and every encounter can be missed ( although the game is designed that you most likely will come across each one). Nothing is laid out for the player, options will not inform you of their outcomes good or bad. It makes for a genuine journey where if you don’t interact with Npc’s and plough through the game then you are going to miss their stories by not talking to them and revisiting them on your journey something I feel is a great addition to the Souls franchise. Nothing in the game tells you how to progress which I feel makes the experience genuine as your character is meant to be clueless he just got out of his grave.


The future is certain, I will continue my playthrough of Dark Souls 3 and I’m going to be punished time and time again. I will prevail as even though I am mediocre at playing video games it is the atmosphere and sheer attention to detail the game emits that brings me back for more. The game is like a great book, takes time to read buts entirely worth it for the journey.

This has been Anatomy of a Soul. Who knows as I continue my journey I may pop back and add some more information of my feelings towards this game.


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