YesterTommy 1

Recently I came across an old notebook that I used to write in. And have came across a few pieces of writing, albeit not very thought-out they interest me as I was such a different person back then and have experienced so much since.

So to give yestertommy a bit of attention I have decided to post some of these writings every now and then. They are quite short and here is the first!

“We are strangers now the mystery’s been reclaimed. No matter how hard we try, it will never be the same. Time has come and gone melted in the snow, I have outgrown you now what is there to do.

We were not together, we were not apart. It’s just my delusion that kept you in my heart.”

Quite interesting piece into my past there make of it what you will, I never reveal my secrets I like to think the words tell them for me.


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