The full stop on the page looks at me and laughs it tells me how its ended the sentence if I like it or not. And I beg it to continue to give me words and lines and lyrics of safety yet it remains in my way. It laughs how it laughs at my shaken figure feeding of my discomfort and confusion, I beg it to leave but there it remains bringing me sorrow with lashings of pain.

One day it moved and I filled up with joy then it stood still again and laughed once more. It had tricked me again with its perilous smile and told me again it was there for awhile. Now I am waiting day after day for this full stop to move oh please go away. I’ve brought an eraser to beat it to death yet it stays there forever, still full and stark black.

I have learnt my lesson and I hope I can wait for that very important day and on that date the full stop will move and do so with speed, bringing me books to study and read. But for now I will stare at it fixed in is place. And very hard,

to not punch it in the face.


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