College Presentation on gay Draft 1

For one of my semesters in college I have been assigned to do a performance piece, so instead of writing a poem or blog post tonight I am going to post the first draft of the beginnings of what I want the first section of the performance to be.

I have not had a very sad life so I’m basing the performance around me being a big old gay and coming to terms with that in my life. This is a rough draft of the first time I said I’m gay out-loud.

Unfortunately  this was to my dog.

Example 1. For story section 1 coming out to my dog.

Picture the image of a midnight sky, filled with endless stars and nosy clouds butting into view where they aren’t wanted or needed. What do you picture is beneath ? A couple sharing a romantic meal by candlelight, the beams of light protruding from a car on its journey home or even a party getting into full swing! All wrong below the blue moon was a blue boy crying to his dog about how he related a bit too much to the man on the radio singing about leaving his wife for another man. In FACT the boy was adamant he wanted to skip the wife part altogether and get straight to the man. Straight wasn’t the word he was looking for and it was all making him feel quite ill. The dog however sensed none of this and kept licking his face wondering why the boy had not brought him a treat as promised that morning.

Thanks you for reading and if you are an expert writer and want to give me some tips or ideas for my piece do not be afraid to comment. Gonna be updating the process of this assignment here so don’t be afraid to get invested.

Tommy x


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