Life through the looking glass, who is that looking back at me with the same eyes?
Do they know how to work and live when they leave my reflection.
Mirrorview of who he is and his life up to now, pointless to many treasured to few.
Will the mistress of sorrow take him below and drown him till he lays their lifeless yet at peace.

A mirror-view of stars on the move throughout the night sky reflecting on the lake where she left him. One falls and strikes him in the chest bringing light to a once cold empty place.
Warmth yet even stars fade and turn to black.
A time will pass first however he will live once more with cosmic breaths and steps that feel gravity rather than complying to it.

The constant earth unwilling to move will take him and hide his life.
Waiting for decades to unearth him.

To dig him up.


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