Where the Wind blows

Where the wind blows, I will follow. I drift along this road of obstacles seeing the sights and passing the townsfolk seeing life unfold right before my eyes. Sitting alone in a coffee shops gazing out the window on the on-goers and thinking about the chores that lay awaiting in the dark. Who will provide the gales to sweep me away to the sky,to float in a dreamlike state that thins of clouds mixed holding water, ice and snow. Blue, Green, Black, Brown what will their eyes hold? Will it be a familiar face or someone brand new with a shaky laugh and nervous sigh. Will the wind blow me off course to distant pastures where i’ve never been and leave me to fend for myself against the ghouls and ghasts screaming through.

Will I fight or flee?

All I know is that I am terrified.

Of where the wind blows.


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