Finding love in Dogs.

Finding love in dogs can be easy, give them a treat or rub their bellies, play catch or just call them a good boy and they will give you love unconditionally. But what about the damaged dog that has been left out for far too long or beaten and life made miserable how do you approach this dog do you treat it with caution and with another layer of kindness to compensate for its past issues. This crosses my mind everyday as I have quite the infatuation with dogs you see if you treat the damaged dogs better than the more lucky bunch then are you acknowledging the fact they are different or helping them to become normal. Do we do these things out of humanity or out of selfish means to create a being more suited to the more normal expectations of a household dog. I’m rambling but its hard not to think about.

Finding love in myself is trickier than dogs. I see my love in others I see other people and applaud them for their entire being even if its not a good one. I commend the people I dislike for just doing their best to survive cause thats the best we can do in this world. Finding love in oneself for me is impossible, to look at myself in the mirror and say I respect you as a human I cannot do.  I feel if I met myself in person I would reject them for having their head up in the clouds too much. What I’m saying is, is that I can never LOVE myself because I do have my head up in the clouds I dream of Romance, Passion, Horror, Fantasy and Dark dark thoughts. I don’t have time to look at who I am as a person and say I like who I am because everything else is just allot more interesting to me.

Which is why I talk about finding love for dogs. Maybe I am a dog to some people, a creature of pure content in others who simply day dreams when he is on his own. If I am treated poorly I may only bark back and not bite. So if finding love in dogs is so easy, maybe someone will find love in me. Damaged or not this good boy sees rainbows in rainfall and magic in mundane so give me a treat.


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