The idea of returning to a former self that you used to be is a weird term. A return to form basically means that you are changing back to how you used to be. But how can anyone change back to how they used to be after experiencing other things?  You might be thinking what has brought all this about and to be honest I don’t know, maybe its because I’m returning to the life of a night creature one i’ve never really been a constant part of. Nighttime adventures in the city always appealed to me even though I never really found myself on many. Which is why I am quite intrigued as to how my night will unfold I can guess how it will begin with angry customers asking me why their shopping is so expensive, but how will it end? Its going to be an entirely new experience and I wonder how I’m gonna cope in the situation.

A new chapter has formed in my life there was an epilogue recently but this feels, fresh; like the next book. Characters have been given new roles from previous installments and I ( the main character in my story ) are dealing with these roles in ways; well ways the author has written them I won’t know till I have experienced them.

It’s a thought process really, thinking about whats gonna happen is strange cause you can never EVER guess correctly.

The idea of blogging everyday is quite tiresome so some of these will get repetitive in easy terms this edition is about me being nervous about going out with friends. Knowing this update shall be on Friday so I am posting a poem now to make up for tomorrows lack of post.


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