Don’t speak it, don’t say it and don’t think it. All a clever premise to a B-horror movie used to cash in on young teenagers. Yet the most horrifying thing about this premise is how it can relate to real life.

Feelings that you push away and hide cause you know what they will bring if they arise in your mind are hard to handle.

Don’t speak it, when you want to talk about something thats pressing on your mind and soul but cannot to save yourself from the possible fallouts.

Don’t say it, once you say it out-loud to yourself its true and a part of your life that has been said.

Don’t think it, my favourite when your head is spinning and all you can think about is what you are trying not to think about.

I don’t want my life to go unmentioned or in the shadows. I want words to hurt like smashing mirror with a bare fist because i’ve felt that before and to look back at myself and see a spectrum of everything that is good even though the pain is unbearable at that said time. I’m gonna do things people won’t expect because I am the unexpected I can fight a heartbreak by facing it centre and forward with a smile and a cheesy one liner.

I am the unmentioned because how could it be possible for someone like me to go through something so normal that happens everyday. Its time to break free from my B-movie tagline. Its time to get out and to show love and interests thus not leaving them unmentioned but in a exact opposite way,




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