Procrastination, my nation.

Shock! Horror! Cliche blog title!

Once again the ever plaguing  mammoth of a distractor, procrastination has taken hold of my life and put it at a standstill. Every task that I have been putting off has finally caught their metaphorical plane and will soon be banging on my metaphorical door to un-metaphoricaly tell me that they need to be done NOW!! The subsequent stressful day awaits me yet I still do not possess the willpower to battle on through and complete them! Which leads me to the question:

Why in the world do I let this vicious cycle play out each and everytime I am faced with responsibilities!

The answer is I have no idea. Clearly I have not made it to that mysterious plane of organised adults who have sort of got their lives together in some clunky way. I am stuck in the field that has overgrown with grass that needs to be mown and gotten rid from my life, grass that equates to distractions such as endless Youtube watching, making Giant peanut butter cups and even taking the time out to create and make a post on a new blog!

I could go on about other distractions that keep me from work but that would be wasteful of time and this blog is about wasting time effectively and not meaninglessly! (There is some method to my procrastiNATION ways) Instead I’m going to finish with 3 easy tips on how to get on track and give procrastination the old boot out the door.

  1. Don’t try and solve your procrastinating tendencies embrace them make it a goal to try and do the least you can do in a day! ( This will trick your procrastination into procrastinating  you trying to procrastinate which will inturn make you do something productive.)
  2. Always postpone stuff that can be done at a later date use that adrenaline you get when you think you are gonna miss the due date on an assignment cause you left it too late TO YOUR ADVANTAGE, get it done as quick as possible doesn’t matter if its not perfect cause you got it done and more importantly past you got away with being a lazy fuck.
  3. Do NOT self hate this is who you are, you procrastinate to give up your motivational energies so they can fuel up some loser overachiever who tries to hard and has bad shoes. By not working you make them better so effectively you are a better person too!

Follow these simple tips and your life will change for the better! And if you don’t follow them the ghosts of your ancestors will come back to haunt and eventually kill you! I say eventually because they are probably like you and will procrastinate the hell out of it, so they will get you when you are like 96 or something. Anyways my point is…forget about it i’ll tell you tomorrow.



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