God save me please I beg

Is this the end,

I miss my friend, I miss my friend.

A blissful end? A hatred send

I miss my friend, I miss my friend.

The sadness blends, no end no end.

I kiss this end.

God save me please I beg

My lips are bleeding.



via Daily Prompt: Song

I wrote a song for Solomon.
He sang it back to me,
before I had even presented it to him.

I ask him how he knew the tune,
he told me sweetly
I know you, I know who you be.

Solomon wrote a song for me,
it shattered me to my core
I left the place uncertain if,
I wanted to hear anymore.

fall asleep

drooping, slowly.
sand is setting on your hills.
not to climb, but to roll them.

caffeine a remedy,
temporarily brushes a clearer path.
the effort can be futile.

a cotton stares and asks,
why not submit?
drooping, softly.

fall again,
into dreams, into comfort.

fall asleep.


very sweetly to a room.

Taken again,
on a broken bed frame.

from a bottle; liquid lies.

Taken again,
to a car, on roadside.

as a fool drowning in love.

Taken again,
as possession, as property.

as a friend; open hearted.

Taken again,
for granted, forgotten.

to the morgue.

to the grave.

Taken again.

Taken never again.

Used to live.

Rest on now child of mine,
left weeping in a crib of bones.
The light will return
Then dim once more.

Passage into another realm, left homes behind.

just bricks and mortar where someone used to live.

The end.