metal slug

Join a metal portal,
scream 6 hours on

rest after
when the breeze has gone
and those wailing yellows
creep on.

Join a metal portal,
take them all,

get them talkin, bout cha
nd prayin.


This is only the beginning

Things can and will always change

Life is always in motion.

So chin up and you do the same.

Tommy’s Manifesto

I believe in scruffy dogs lying beside a fire.
I believe in alarm clocks going, after I wake.
I believe in goodnight kisses and nightlights
I believe that sunrises can be a time for rest.
I do not believe in chapped lips.

I believe that work requires effort,
I believe that love abides by the same rules unless you get lucky.
I believe songbirds bring comfort in times of need.
I believe that you can never be late
I believe that you arrive precisely when is required.
I do not believe in cosmetics
I do however believe in buying cosmetics for myself.

I believe that I am gullible,
I believe that the best things are taken for granted.
I believe in the crisp on well fried chicken
I believe whoever is last one in must close the door.
I believe in stoves heating up a room.
I do not believe in spiders or their webs.

I believe in being positive when faced with hardships
I also believe in dark rooms and long sleeps
I believe in painted nails and well kept hair.
I believe in dogs who’s tails wag at a speed of light
I believe in weather forecasts on Sunny day’s
I believe when the weather forecasts are incorrect and it rains.
I do not believe in complaining due to that rain.

I believe in love not at first sight but love at many sites at many times.
I believe in long friendships even though I haven’t seen or spoken to you in years
I believe in writing, reading and taking the time to unwind.
I believe in pocket size tissues and loud sneezers.
I do not believe in those who scowl at said sneezers.

I believe in Sunday roast dinners, with over pouring gravy and small talk.
I believe in every single shade of tea.
I believe that receiving gifts is always better than giving.
I believe that liars will tell me I am wrong about my last belief.
I believe in ice cold sodas on any occasion.
I believe in generalisations as to not leave anyone out.
I do not believe in those who use emotion as weapons.

I believe that people can learn from mistakes
I believe that I have learnt from many.
I do not believe that someone will never learn.
I do not believe that eating carrots will give you better eyesight.
I believe that I have never eaten carrots and I wear glasses.
I believe that hot soup can cute all forms for blocked noses.
I do not believe that dogs are superior to cats.
I do not believe that cats are superior to dogs.

I believe in Monday’s to Sunday’s
I believe in duvet days.
I believe that one day their will be equality in every-way.
I believe that my manifesto is less effective than the one that inspired it.
I believe in the sound of popcorn.
I believe my dog is better than yours.


+Inspired by The Finks- Charlie’s Manifesto+


via Daily Prompt: Lecture

Discuss the room,
and speak of how you feel.
Remain surprised at the reaction of others
or lack thereof.

Send little nothings on pigeon feet
to those who do not wish to receive
a lecture of how they should change their mindset.

now turn back unto oneself
discuss flaws held within
a reflection of said lecture
ignored under a chin,

take private conversation
with a mirror
lecturing on a life
do not compare a feeling
they change from day to night.


White chocolate,
Dark chocolate,
Milk chocolate,
Hazel-nut chocolate,
Pink -rose chocolate,
Raisin filled chocolate,
Melted chocolate,
Coffee chocolate,
Bitter chocolate,
Half and half chocolate.

etc. Chocolate

You have eaten more then one, notice the difference.

Then why judge my tastes?