acceptance of..

Behind my mind lies another,
one who makes appearances,
reminders of what was.

I press my thumb against my forehead.
picture the times flowing through,
expressed into my nail. thoughts of-

Uncertainty as memories’ friend.
depicting a mistake.
one of vibrance,

Nostalgia as memories’ sorrow.
A time which has passed,
into soil into grass into flowerbed.

Love as memories’ gift.
but also an enemy
for fools to kiss.





A rose with colour that shall never fade;
thought this heart to love
thought this heart to lose.

A voice that brought me to tears;
stayed with me through fear
stayed with me till I was.

Dolores I will be dreaming my dreams with you.
Spin me around.

Help me become a dreamer once more.


Ireland’s voice.



Could you Study?

Could you study a glass.
Throughly look through its translucent walls.
And make the deduction that somehow it reminds you of yourself.
Open yet crystallised and solid; also shatters from time to time.
Sometimes it is empty while others full or partially filled.
Washed and cleaned if found dirty.

Could you study a door.
Run your fingertips along its frame.
And make the deduction that somehow it reminds you of your life.
Always leading to new adventures or returning from them.
Lets strangers into your warmth or prevents them.
Can be locked off from the world if wanted.

Could you study the wind.
As it passes in gasps.
And make the deduction that somehow it reminds you of each day.
Ever-flowing and continuing without your control.
Breezing over everyone you know.
Then settling to rest.

Could you study the mirror.
Stare into ones soul.
And make the deduction that somehow it reminds you of a stranger.
Looking back at you featureless and numb.
Perhaps the familiarity is what unsettles.
the idea there exists a replica.


Do not fret as mere deductions, can lead to delusions.

the pain

between these tears lies a fallacy,
fed full course meals by isolation.
drowning in the nectar of another,
I stare like a wasp. However I sting myself.
again and again pricks against my skin
red streams contrasting against the pale palette.

My redemption has been unkind,
it has fled me and left me asking why.
wondering if the design ,
my blueprints depict a pillar
standing solitary forever in time.
eroding and eventually falling.

the sign on the road speaks of a cliff.
passing it, it lingers in my rearview
laughing and taunting
saying it’s me.
it’s my fault they always leave.
just cease.

blood eventually dries,
I never wipe it away the crisp flakes comfort me.
a canvas of crimson petals and aquamarine eyes
screaming questions to the ceiling.


The pain replies with one word.



via Daily Prompt: Undulate

Sensory motion of pale skin,
How the shadows crackle,
bones creaking, screaming to be set free.

Study the work of man,
to taste an image.
A bruised apple still holds sweetness.

rotation of interlocked beings,
fingers to legs,
one the moon, other the sea.

A path of discovery awaits,
for the adventurer,
or perhaps the mistress.


I’ve been putting up my musings on this blog for a full year consistently now or so. And I fell like it being viewed 1000 times is a bit of a mile stone. Now somebody reading this might think it is such a tiny amount of people that it’s not worth celebrating. How do I even know that each visitor isn’t promoting their own blog in search of recognition. It is simple I have found recently that looking at happiness in small ways can slowly build up into giant inspirations, that essentially keep me going in this utterly confusing world.

I started this page as a means to express my loss of Love in someone as a coping mechanism that made me feel powerful after I had broken down each day. I truly believe that is has become it’s own entity entirely a study of Love and Hatred with every single emotion I have felt and more being captured in little packages of words. I know that it is not for the attention as if it was I would’ve stopped a long time ago as the increase in readers has been painfully slow. I have also a collection of personal writings that have never made it to this page and may never see the light of day!

I am rambling as I tend to do here. To commit to the narrative of my title I wish to thank each and every person who has perused this blog. Even if it only lasted nano seconds. 1000 hits with any instrument could kill a man. So for me it had been a wonderful pleasure to see sitting atop every time I logged on slowly going up.

Here is to the next 1000 :).

Tommy x


via Daily Prompt: Brilliant

Brilliant!! That vicious laugh of yours,
that tears away my defences.

Brilliant!! The comfort you bring,
in everyday embraces.

Brilliant!! The ability to tell the truth,
no lies will pass those lips.

Brilliant!! That fluffy head of hair,
let me brush it so.

Brilliant!! You make me laugh,
who would’ve thought of that.

Brilliant!! So many things I could list,
until my hair turns grey.

Except you do not,
see me that way.